Maintenance + Updates

Keep things fresh

Getting your website live is a major milestone, but your goal should be to constantly improve and update your website. Don't let your website become outdated and stale.

“I would highly recommend Caleb if you are not only looking for an elegant, stand out website but also to build a long term professional relationship with. His knowledge in web design, development and marketing prove to transcend through his work time and time again. ”

— Jess Ward

Keep your website up to date

One of the greatest things about websites is that they are fluid, ever changing objects. Not sure what can be updated? Here are some examples:

Content Updates

Text, media and everything else

I can proof, edit and upload your content for you. I can also create and upload supporting images and media that you need.


Keep your website safe and sound

By keeping WordPress and all of its plugins up to date, you will protect your website from security problems and other vulnerabilities. I can also scan your website for malware, and in the event that any issues are found, restore a backup of your website.


Local and cloud storage available

Don't risk losing all of your hard work. I can organise backups as often as you need, which are kept either on your server, or in cloud storage. If you ever need them, I can restore them so your website is back to normal in no time.

Feature Updates

WordPress + Plugins

You wouldn't ignore an app or operating system update on your phone or computer, so why do it on your website? I will ensure WordPress and any plugins are updated to the latest version, and compatible with your website.

General Audits

Prevention is better than a cure

Help your website become the best version of itself. I'll keep an eye on any smaller problems before they become bigger issues. From checking for broken links and testing forms, to diagnosing and fixing performance issues.

Great minds think alike

Start working with me today to make something great.

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