Brand New: CG Redesigned

After months of planning and work, I am proud to be able to present my newly designed site today.

I first launched my site (below) in May 2011, after completing projects for some freelance clients, as I needed an online presence and wanted to showcase the work that I was doing. Whilst it has served its purpose,  since late last year I’ve wanted to create a new site which would establish my branding, and also enable me to start blogging about web design and development on a regular basis

The entire site was designed in-browser, with any images and icons edited in Photoshop.

In line with the minimal look that I chose, I made  use of The Golden Grid and Hashgrid.js to create an aesthetically pleasing grid to build upon.

I also used the Golden ration for the site’s typography. The site was developed using WordPress and also takes advantages of the new features that HTML5 and CSS3 has to offer.

Websites that I used as inspiration

Tools I used

Great minds think alike

Start working with me today to make something great.

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