Speed up WordPress development

Creating a WordPress theme can be a time consuming process, especially when you consider all of the custom styling and functions that will be included.

Check out the 7 tools listed below to save you time and  speed up the development process on your next WordPress site.

1. WordPress Custom Post Type Generator

Just fill out each of the fields to create a custom post type for your WordPress site. Takes literally one minute and is very easy to use. Simply paste the provided code into your functions.php file and you’re good to go! I’ve used this on many sites and it’s definitely a time saver.


2. WordPress Custom Taxonomy Generator

Also from Themergency, this generator creates custom taxonomies which you can use to categorise the content on your website.



If you are creating a theme from scratch, or simply wanting to add functionality to your existing theme, then this is a very useful tool. It allows you to select the functions that you want, then provides you with the code for your functions.php file.



Quickly and easily generate filler content for your WordPress site, including images, lists, headings and more. Very handy when you are creating image and typography styling.


5. Simple WordPress Shortcode Generator and Some Useful Shortcodes

This tool allows you to create simple shortcodes for use in your WordPress theme, and also list a few useful shortcodes. For more advanced shortcodes, see this article.


6. CSS3 Generator

Create rounded corners, box shadows and even transitions in seconds with this easy to use generator. Provides multiple browser prefixes and compatibility.


7. CSS3 Gradient Generator

Using this generator you can create impressive, image free gradients. There is a wide variety of pre made gradients, or you can create your very own from scratch.


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